Monday, 14 March 2011

Behind The Enemy Lies.

As my eyes fluttered open. I rubbed my face against the soft fluffy pillow. I turned facing upright and when my sleepless eyes opened completely they met my friends concerned ones. Four pairs of eyes staring back at me. I blinked a couple of times to get my vision steady, as my eyes were filled with sand and goop.
"Stacy!! are you awake?", my best friend Nessie whispered sitting on a chair beside my bed.
"Nessie!", I screamed and reached for her hand she took them immediately wrapping them in her warm and loving ones.
"What happened? Where am I?" ,I questioned her.
"Your in the Infirmary, sweety" ,she replied with a warm smile and a grin playing on her lips.
"Why?", I asked ,raising my eye brow up this time, looking completely dumbstruck.
"Because you fell from a set of stairs and landed on your ass." ,it wasn't Nessie it was Caty who answered me .
Caty was another good friend of mine looking totally pissed with me.
"Oh" ,I gasped.
"Well it doesn't matter now all that matters is that you are alive and healed" ,Courtney announced joining our conversation.
Oh and just so you know Caty and Courtney are twins.
"Courtney is right... so lets get going then or we will be late for dinner." ,Ally added.
Ally was my childhood friend pretty close to my family and me.
"Huh, that's weird I don't remember falling down from a set of stairs.. then how did i end up in the infirmary?", I blurted, chewing my lips and trying to remember.
When a new voice joined your little group discussion.
"We were hoping you would have an answer to that question, Stacy.", said a voice so amazing and dear that I did not even have to look to see who it was.
Caroline!!! She was the principle of our academy. She was barbie beautiful and too prefect. She had huge deep blue eyes in which I wish I could drown in. Her face was shaped to a prefect heart and her shin was so white and so soft that I could imagine how it felt even when she wasn't touching me. Her hair was a sea of black.
She wore a lilac dress which clung to her splendid body. She smiled at me and strode over to stand on the other side of my bed.
"No, Caroline I do not remember a single thing" ,I babbled confused.
"It's okay my child don't think to hard on it just forget about it and move on. Accidents like this happens all the time.",she replied warmly but just for a single moment I saw a glint of darkness in her eyes I didn't...
I got pulled out of my thoughts when Ally spoke,"So lets go ,Stacy."
I nodded and walked out of the room and into the hall way with my friends hovering and giggling over something.
As soon as Caty kicked the door open of the exit a gang of cold air fit me at once. I stumbled back and almost fell if it weren't for my friends who caught my arm and steadied me .
And it hit me, it was as if the cold air was all I needed. A switched inside me flicked on and my brain jolted upright and my memory rushed back into me. It brought me to a screeching halt.
It was Caroline. She was the one behind the unexplainable disappearances  of the students. I had caught her talking to someone about it and ...she pushed me down the stairs and some how managed to play with my memory. I closed my eyes shut trying to let it sink in.
"Stacy, are you okay?" , my BBF's words shattered my thinking. I opened my eyes to face my only four friends, who were standing in front of me concern, trust, love and care written all over them.
How? How am I going to make them understand? Will they listen to me If i said there was more to Caroline then her loving act . And that behind a loving act sleeps a demon lurking for an unimaginable crime.